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The OD Thrift Store

The OD Thrift Store

Disclaimer: This piece was created SOLELY for the Young Ones Competition and was not commissioned or associated by FCBHEALTH or any other entity. 


 Gold Award, Advertising in Healthcare, Graphis New Talent Annual 2019

Silver and Bronze Award, Guerrilla Marketing, Atlanta ADDYs 2019

Portfolio Center's Best in Show, Quarter 2018.1

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Every day, 115 Americans die from opioid overdoses in America. Yet, most Americans don’t know the scope of this massive, growing issue.


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 To give this epidemic some context and to make it something that is  tangible but also personal, we’re collecting belongings of those who have died from an opioid overdose and allow anyone to buy them. Shoppers won’t know what they’re buying until see the hangtag.  

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In various shopping centers, we’ll open "OD Thrift Stores" and stock each store with clothes, shoes, electronics anything that once belonged to someone who died at the hands of opioids.  Each item will have a tag, including a story of the last owner of the object, revealing the story behind the product.